Ajay Industrial Corporation Ltd.

Gear Pop-Up Sprinkler

We provide high end Gear Pop-Up Sprinkler that is used for efficient irrigation. We are one of the choicest Gear Drive Sprinkler Manufacturers in India. Our Gear Pop-Up Sprinklers have "Point and Shoot" arc adjustment without any tool. The smooth impeller gear drive of the sprinkler gives uniform water in all direction. Furthermore, we are also counted among the chief Gear Drive Pop-Up Sprinkler Suppliers.

Dimensions : 3/4 IPS
Height : 7-5/8" ( 19.4 cm)
Pop - up Height : 4" (10.2 cm)

Features :

  • Gear Drive : An impeller actuates the gear train, providing a smooth, steady, rate of rotation necessary for highly uniform watering. A sealed, lubricant packed drive housing provides long-life performance.
  • Quiet Operation
  • Field Changeable Nozzles : A set of nine nozzles is provided with each sprinkler. User can change in seconds to match precipitation rates and adapt performance to site conditions.
  • Impeller Flow Regulator : The "automatic adjusting stator" correctly matches the volume of flow required at the impeller with the nozzle selected.
  • Nozzle Lift Socket : Socket is provided in top of cover for lifting flow tube. Lifting tools are included in earch carton of sprinklers.
  • Ready CheckTM Valve : 2 - Position check valve in the bottom of the removeable strainer is standard. Ready CheckTM is easily reversed in the field to the "check" position. Valve opens against f2 ft./hd. of water.
  • Large Flow Tube : Streamlined flow tube design permits lower pressure loss through sprinkler, allows for optimum nozzle performance.
  • Strainer : Large area screen protects nozzle from debris with minimum restriction in flow.
  • Range Adjustment : Stainless steel screw retains nozzle and diffuses stream for optimum range control.
  • Part-Circle. Arc Adjust Ring : Exclusive arc adjusting on nozzle flow tube permits quick adjustment of arc size from 40 degree to 360 degree. Sprinkler may be adjusted while water is on or off.
  • Arc Dwell : A momentary "dwell" at each end of the part-circle arc provides full coverage along borders.
  • Safety Clutch : "Slip" clutch protects gear train from damage if vandal should turn flow tube during operation. Clutch can also be used for arc relocation during installation.
  • Full Wiper Seal : The pressure activated wiper seal on the Turbo 3 prevents debris from entering the sprinkler. This feature allows the sprinkler to be set at grade. Wiper seal and a strong, stainless steel spring assure positive head retraction.
  • VRS Rubber Cover : "Vandal-resistant safety" cover is standard on all springlers. "Pos-i-lock"TM retainer prevents cover removal.
  • Threaded Cover : Screw-on cover permtis easy access to all internal parts without removing sprinkler from point of connection.

Construction :
High-strength, non-corrosive plastics and metals are used throughout this sprinkler to ensure long-life performance int he commercial or residential enrironment.

Options :

  • Non-potabel Alert Cover (add "N" suffix to part number)
  • Vandal cover Lock (XVT3). Cover is designed to accept optional vandal screw to lock cover to body.

Accessories :
Nozzle / Arc Tool (T3ST) : Nozzle changing and arc adjustment are both quick and easy with the T3St.


Material Metal
Performance Optimum
Usage Garden
Pressure 7 Kg. Cm. Sq.
Size 2
Function Spray Irrigation
Diameter 40 mm